Tomosynthesis contributes to an earlier diagnosis of breast cancer

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3D Digital Mammography-Tomosynthesis

3D Mammography is the evolution of the 2D digital mammography. It is the latest and up to date technique in breast imaging.

Tomosynthesis takes multiple slices of 1 mm thickness instead of one single image, which is taken from the 2D mammography. Consequently a 3D image of the breast is created. This has as a result, the diagnosis of 40% more malignant tumors in comparison with 2D mammography. Furthermore, with tomosynthesis we have the ability to detect very small breast lesions, which are completely invisible in 2D mammography.

High Resolution Breast Ultrasound

We have a very modern High Resolution ultrasound device. These devices are the evolution of the simple Ultrasound devices. We have the ability to detect a very small breast lesion and collect much more information concerning its morphological characteristics. So, that contributes in an easier distinction between a malignant or a benign tumor.

Breast Elastography

Shear Wave Elastography is a new modern technique, which contributes in the early diagnosis of breast cancer.

It acts as a complementary examination, when we find a tumor in the breast.

It counts the elasticity of a tumor. When a tumor has a low elasticity score, that refers to a benign finding. On the contrary, when the elasticity score is high, that refers to a malignant finding.


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